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Google Voice International Calls

Google Voice has one of the lowest rates on international calls. To make calls, you use either the Google Voice website or the phone system, as long as you have one of your forwarding phones or smartphone available to complete the call. In order to make international calls, you need to have credits in your […]


Different ways to place call using Google Voice

There are several ways to place call using Google Voice: 1. From the Google Voice website 2. From call phone in Gmail 3. From the Google Voice Phone System 4. From the Google Voice iPhone or Android app


Make calls from the Google Voice Android app

Placing calls with Google Voice is almost the same as placing calls via your mobile carrier, depending on whether you have a Google number and how you have configured Google Voice on the phone. 1. Call a contact just as you would without Google Voice. 2. If you’ve configured Google Voice to ask whether you want […]


How to Register for a Google Voice Number

How do I get a Google Voice number? Sign up for a Google Voice number is free and open to anyone living in the US. This guide will show you how to sign up for your Google Voice number. Step 1. Go to If you already have a Google account, just log on and […]


What is Google Voice

In a nutshell, Google Voice is a telecommunications service that helps you manage and customize your phone, voicemail and SMS usage. By signing up with Google Voice, you can have one phone number that can access all of your numbers (home, mobile and work). While your number may change if you switch carriers, your Google […]