How to transfer Google Voice number to another account

The account you are transferring your Google Voice number to has to be a Google account as well.  Click on the link below to get started.

Transfer Google Voice Account

1. You click through four bullet points acknowledging you understand what is involved in transferring your account before you are presented with the link to go through the actual transfer.

Transfer Google Voice Account

Note: You need to be logged in to both Google account simultaneously in order to go through the transfer.

Sign in to second Google account to start transfer

2. Once you log in to the second account, you are given the option to verify your phone number for security alert purposes. You can skip this step if you want by clicking on the “Skip” button.

Transfer Google Voice account - verification number

3. If you want to verify your number, click on the “Send verification code” button and Google will text you the code to your Google Voice number. Enter the code and click the “Verify” button.  This step is to give Google permission to send you security alerts regarding unusual activity with your account.  If you don’t care, then you can click the “Skip” button.

Transfer Google Voice account - verificaton code

4. Once verified, you need to select the Source Account and Destination Account. The Destination Account is the one you are transferring the number to. Click on the “Transfer Account” button to finish the process.

Transfer Google Voice account - destination account

As mentioned in the bullet points, transfer Google Voice account takes as long as 5 business days and the change is irreversible.

  • steveoakley

    I’m trying to obtain several google voice numbers for my outside salespeople and have them all forwarded to my business phone. Each salesperson created a Gmail account and then tried to create a Google Voice account. Google Voice allowed 3 salespeople to forward to our business number, but now when the others try to create an account and list our business number, it takes them through the number verification process, but when they select a number, it says The forwarding phone on your account cannot be used to obtain a Google Voice number.”

    Anyone know why this is happening and how to get around it?

    • techbytes

      Is your business number a land line number? I believe Google allows 2 accounts forwarded to one land line but only one account forwarded to cell number.

  • Bill Searcher

    Sorry to post this here, but I don’t see a way to post to the owner of the site.

    How do I post a blog or question here? (I’ve never used WordPress, and am not sure I can from Linux.)

    My reason to want to post here is a google voice problem–until very recently, I could make outgoing calls from google voice using my ObiHai100 and the phone connected to it. Now when I click on the icon to call, it defaults to placing a call on my mobile cell phone (which will cost money). There is a choice to make the call via hangouts, but I don’t want to do that, I want to stick to google voice for several reasons. (Among them: installing the hangouts plugin on my Debian wheezy (stable) system will require updating some libraries and I’m not sure it that will cause other problems.)

    As far as I know, I did nothing to make this change in behavior, although I might have “fat fingered” something.


    PS: If you want to send a reply directly to me: searc99 at gmail dot com.

    • techbytes

      Are you trying to make a call in your OBiTalk account? Or calling using the OBi app? Why not just pick up the phone connected to your OBi100 and dial?

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  • jerry

    thank u

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