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How to Make Google Voice Calls in Gmail

Call phones from Gmail is free to the US and Canada for the rest of 2013. In addition to calling a phone number in Gmail, you can also receive calls if you have a Google Voice account.

To place a call in Gmail:

Make sure Google voice and video chat plugin is installed.

  • 1. Now make sure the Chat box is expanded in Gmail.
  • 2. Click Call phone under Chat.
  • 3. Use the keypad (with your mouse or the keyboard’s number block) to dial the desired number.
  • 4. You can also start typing a contact with a phone number under Search or dial; the number will be entered automatically.
  • 5. If a number appears in an email message and is highlighted as a link, you can also click it to have the Gmail dialer come up with the number pre-entered.
  • 6. Click Call

To end the call, click End.

Google Voice Gmail call

To receive calls in Gmail:

  1. Make at least one outbound call from Gmail.
  2. In Google Voice, navigate to Voice settings under the gear icon.
  3. In the Phones tab, click the check box next to Google Chat.

Google Chat in Gmail



One neat feature with call phones from Gmail is the ability to switch phone in the middle of a call. For example, if you answer your call in Gmail and wish to switch to your cellular forwarding number, pressing * will cause your cellular forwarding phone to ring for you to complete the call.